suspended-ceiling-imageHanging a suspended ceiling can be a real pain but it doesn’t need to be.

Commercial office buildings most often have suspended ceilings a this is an easy and effective way to beautify the premises as well as running all cables and pipes in the ceiling.

There are numerous tools that can be used to make it infinitely easier to hang a suspended ceiling and here we will cover several of them.

Suspended ceilings are often hung using ceiling wire.  The ceiling is already high otherwise a suspended ceiling wouldn’t be necessary and because of this extension poles are the way to effectively and expeditiously go about hanging the frame which holds the ceiling panels.

The Lagmaster Pole is a multi-purpose pole that can insert an eye lag screw and ceiling wire in 20 seconds flat making it an easy and effective way to hang ceiling wire.

So we recommend the Lagmaster Plus, the I-Lag Screw and ceiling wire to expeditiously hang your ceiling wire.    The lagmaster can be used for both wood and steel.   Use a powder actuated tool and the long shooter pole (specially designed powder actuated tool extension pole) for concrete ceilings.

Hope you found this useful!