Purlinmaster Extension Pole

The PurlinMaster is a multi-purpose pole tool used to install purlin clips and wrap ceiling wire all in one motion from the ground. The patented purlin head makes it possible to install a purlin clip and then wrap a ceiling wire onto the clip using the same tool. The PurlinMaster™ also includes an interchangeable head that allows it to install any standard eye lag screw. There are several other interchangeable heads sold separately. Such as a 1/2″ male socket adapter, female adapter for ¼” hex bits, special heads for hanging threaded rod or jack chain and more!

  • All-in-one patented plug-in system allows you to install multiple types of fasteners to a variety of ceiling structures
  • Includes: LMP Purlin Head, LMP Base and LMP Wire Plug (Welded)
  • Perfect for applications that are unfit for scissor lifts such as stairwells or in between T-bar
  • Improves safety by keeping your employees on the ground
  • Faster installation times, no need to pre-wrap ceiling wire to the clips prior to installation
  • Black anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made in USA


LMP Purlin Plug – Lagmaster™ Plus Purlin Plug-in – Purlin Clip Installation Tool